Creating and designing come natural to me.

Everyday I put my energy into painting. My studio is in my home, where I can find inspiration in even the smallest things. The journey to create has opened my eyes to see the world in a colorful palette and the endless possibilities to discover. The art I create is mixed media building my paintings using unique papers and textures.

Traveling is something I cherish.

Visiting interesting places in the world lets me see new and common-place items in a transforming way that is often reflected in my pieces. I look forward to sharing my new inspirations.

I'm an award winning artist, who has been painting for 17 years.

My art can be found on canvas, paintings, and tiles. My interior design background enables me to assist clients in their home or office to achieve the perfect painting. My work began in traditional watercolor. I'm now exploring abstract with mixed media, including realism, collage, acrylics, alchohol ink and watercolor. I "love the freedom it gives me and the possibilities are endless . To further develop my artist skills, I have attended countless seminars and workshops. I am most grateful for those who have shared their time and talent. Some of those artists who have influenced my work are, Karlyn Holman, Karen Knutson, Diane Woit, Doug Lew, Raleigh Kinney, Tony couch, Robert Burridge, Frank Zeller, Barbara Barett, and Margaret Evans. My singular style has earned numerous awards and honors for my paintings. I have many works on display in private and corporate collections.